Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Gina Biedermann Offers Cosmetic Dentistry in Keller Texas, TX

A beautiful smile can give patients a great sense of self-confidence. Dr. Gina Biedermann offers quality dental care while keeping the patients' esthetics in mind. Whether patients are coming in for a simple crowning or extensive multi-stage treatment, our practice offers the services to help you achieve an attractive, healthy smile. Schedule your next appointment at our dental office in Keller today! 

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Improving Smiles across Tarrant County

Dr. Biedermann takes a keen eye towards enhancing esthetics while improving dental health. She spends the time to speak with patients and discuss their concerns. Each patient undergoes a comprehensive examination which starts with initial photos being taken to record the progress of improvements. Patients receive a questionnaire that provides details about their goals to help us better determine the best treatment plan that’s right for them. Once we have decided a personalized plan for the patient, treatment can begin.

Cosmetic services offered by Dr. Gina Biedermann include:

Bonding and white fillings repair chips, cracks, and cavities using tooth-colored material.

Porcelain crowns protect treated or damaged teeth while restoring the structuring using a shade-matched material that blends easily with the smile while remaining durable to last up to 20 years.

Veneers are thin porcelain shells used to change the shape, color, or size of teeth to generate a uniform appearance. This option is great for instances where teeth are misshapen or suffer from internal stains.

Teeth Whitening with ZOOM! offers dental-grade bleaching power able to lift stains and brighten smiles by several shades. We offer both in-office and take-home options for the patient’s convenience.

Gum contouring can adjust the height of teeth and the way in which they fit among the rest of the smile.

A large portion of our efforts is focused towards educating patients on the best ways of maintaining their dental health and beauty. Keeping your smile healthy extends the life of improvements, thus rewarding patients with a beautiful smile to last a lifetime. To ensure long-lasting enhancements, we instruct patients on the best care methods at home.

Complete Smile Rehabilitation

Patients looking for a comprehensive smile design can come to our practicing feeling confident Dr. Biedermann will provide the necessary treatments to restore the health, function, and beauty of your teeth. With the help of a local specialist, we are able to provide comprehensive care that includes surgical procedures, such as extractions and dental implant placement, to ensure patients have access to total care, allowing them to achieve a more stable bite.

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Our cosmetic dental practice in Keller is committed to helping patients across Tarrant County by providing high-quality dental care. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Gina Biedermann by giving us a call, and discover your options for helping you improve and maintain your best smile yet.